Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Some post-PLDI thoughts...

This was my first time attending an academic conference of this size, so it was a very eye-opening experience.  I think that for me it was especially valuable because there aren't that many of us doing programming languages related research at Northwestern (only three, actually) so I really benefitted from being able to hear about the broader world of PL research.  It's important to see what's happening currently and think about how what you are doing relates.  Specifically, right now I'm finishing up some work on PLT Redex, an executable DSL for modeling reduction semantics, so I was excited to see possibilities for putting a tool like that to work.

This was also a great opportunity to see China.  (And possibly the only one I'll get...unless there's another conference there that I have a good reason to attend!)  Although the conference kept me fairly busy while it was going on, I did get in a few days of sight-seeing around Beijing.  I have some nice memories of seeing the Summer Palace and the Great Wall, and attempting to explore some of Beijing's lesser known areas.

It's expensive to travel to China so I know most of us that went wouldn't have been able to do so without some help.  Thanks to everyone who did the work to make it possible.


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