Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Reflecting on PLDI

This was my first time attending PLDI, and it was an extraordinary experience that I hope to be able to repeat again soon. I had a great time connecting with people and meeting new faces in between sessions and over dinner.

The sessions that left the biggest impact on me were toward the end of the program, possibly because my mind was much more relaxed after my SRC presentation:

  • Static Analysis for Probabilistic Programs: Inferring Whole Program Properties from Finitely Many Paths
  • A General Constraint-centric Scheduling Framework for Spatial Architectures
  • Halide: A Language and Compiler for Optimizing Parallelism, Locality and Recomputation in Image Processing Pipelines

Overall, the atmosphere was really inspiring and I gained a totally new perspective on a number of things. Hope to see everyone next year!

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