Wednesday, December 18, 2013

This was my second time at PLDI and while I didn't have a talk this time around, I had a wonderful time connecting with friends and also building new collaborations.  

For example, I was able to chat with researchers of UW on the potential of an approximate computing workshop and express my support. And, just as of late, we found out that they have been able to make that possible.  I was also able to coordinate two visits to Microsoft Research within that week as a result of conversations I had in the "hallway" sessions.

As to the PLDI technical track, I particularly enjoyed Verifying Higher-order Programs with the Dijkstra Monad. I also enjoyed myself at the joint SRC and main track poster session. At the poster session,  I had great discussion with both the authors of Static Analysis for Probabilistic Programs: Inferring Whole Program Properties from Finitely Many Paths (main track) and Uncertain: Uncertain data as a first-order type  (SRC).

Until next year,

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