Monday, April 23, 2012

Hello, everyone.

Several years ago, long before I entered Software Institute of Nanjing University, I was interested in computer science and software engineering only because of its mystique, and I wanted to explore it deeply. It is different now after 4 years’ learning on software engineering and I will enter PhD program at Nanjing University. The mystique is fading away, and deep cognition about software has had a big impact on me. Software will never be the games during childhood, but a work of art designed and developed by lots of engineers.

Five months later, I will be a graduate student, but I have joined the state key lab of novel software in Nanjing University to do some research on software engineering especially about program analysis and testing. I am always looking forward to taking part in some international conferences to talk with some experts, and becoming familiar with the state of research.

I think this is a good opportunity to attend the top level international conference. In the conference, I expect to talk with many professors and experts in software engineering, and I will obtain lots of information about the state in software industry and research which can help me do better in research later. On the other hand, making friends with some international friends and keeping in contact with them after the conference are good for academic exchange. As an undergraduate, study is very important, so I am ready to study from the participants from different countries. In addition, I can obtain lots of extra knowledge that can’t be learned at school during the visit.

I am looking forward to meeting you all in Beijing.

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