Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Greetings from Rice

Hello everyone,

I'm Alina Sbirlea, a 3rd year Ph.D. student at Rice University in Houston, Texas, USA, working with Prof. Vivek Sarkar in the Habanero Multicore Software Research Group.
My research interests include compiler techniques, scheduling decisions and runtime optimizations, applied in particular for heterogeneous architectures.

This year I will be presenting at LCTES our paper on "Mapping a Data-flow Programming Model onto Heterogeneous Platforms", co-authored with Yi Zou, Zoran Budimlic, Jason Cong and Vivek Sarkar. I would be happy to see you there! This work is done in collaboration with University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) as part of an on-going project: Center for Domain Specific Computing. It is a challenging and greatly rewarding project. Check out our research goal!

I am looking forward to attending these conferences for the first time, learning of the latest research done by top researchers and well as meeting them and learning of their interests. It will also be my first visit to China and I plan to make the best of it while I'm there.

See you soon!

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