Thursday, June 20, 2013

Conclusion of PLDI

  I had an excellent time at my first PLDI!  The experience was very rewarding, and I will hope to attend the next year and many years beyond!  I only knew a few attending members when going into the conference, but now I felt I have begun to start building a much stronger network in the PLDI community.  My advisor introduced me to several other faculty members, and I spent a good deal of time introducing myself to others.  I found an excellent time to do this was during the student poster presentations, and I hope the posters will return again next year.  I also spent a good deal of my time at PLDI watching many quality talks in the concurrency, program synthesis, language design, and the other talks from other tracks.  The Microsoft excursion was also very nice from a students prospective, as I got some insight as to what it would be like to work at MSR.  Attending this conference has helped inspire me to continue working hard on my research, and I will look forward to next years PLDI!

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