Thursday, June 13, 2013

Preparing my talk for PLDI

    In order to prepare for PLDI, I have gone through a few iterations of my presentation.  The first version of my slides consisted of a slide each for each of the main sections of my paper.  After I completed this, I started thinking about a theme for my talk in hopes to make the talk more engaging.  One way I have achieved this, is to frame my talk around a story during the introduction, and then interlace core questions throughout the talk.  I had the opportunity to present a practice talk to my research group and gain some great recommendations!  I recommend to other students presenting to definitely make time for a practice talk to your peers and advisor.  If you can get others not working directly in y our research, that can be useful as well.  Often you are so close to your research, that it is hard to put yourself in the position of an audience member who is not an expert in your particular subject area and engage them.
    Now that my talk has been prepared, I am looking forward to the presentation.  Listed below are some resources I am reviewing before my talk that will hopefully benefit others.

  • (some notes in the middle)
  • (Some helpful notes on powerpoint slides)

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