Saturday, June 15, 2013

PLDI First-Timer

I'm Sam Blackshear from the University of Colorado at Boulder. This will be my first time at PLDI. I'll be presenting two papers: Thresher: Precise Refutations for Heap Reachability (co-authored with my advisor Bor-Yuh Evan Chang and our collaborator Manu Sridharan from IBM Research) and Almost-Correct Specifications: A Semantic Framework for Assigning Confidence to Warnings (with Shuvendu Lahiri, my Summer 2012 internship mentor at Microsoft Research Redmond). It's been a lot of work to prepare for the conference, but I am really excited to share the work I've been doing with others and get some useful feedback from all of the smart and experienced folks here.

I'm also going to attend the TAPAS and PASTE workshops. I've never attended a workshop before and I am hoping that getting together with other small groups of program analysis-y people will spark lots of great conversations.

Most of all, I am hoping to meet lots of new people and hear all about cool research that's been going on around the world this year.
Can't wait!

- Sam

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