Friday, May 30, 2014

Second trip to PLDI

I'm Sam Blackshear, a 4th-yeah PhD student at the University of Colorado. This will be my second trip to PLDI (also attended PLDI '13 in Seattle). I'm a co-author on the paper "Verification Modulo Versions: Towards Usable Verification" and I'll be presenting my research on piecewise refutation analysis at the student research competition.

Our PLDI paper introduces an abstract interpretation-based framework for leveraging multiple versions of the same program to present only warnings resulting from the changes in the program to the user, thereby reducing the number of false alarms reported.

My SRC work on piecewise refutation analysis presents a new technique for precise and scalable goal-directed static analysis. The idea is to use cheap up-front information (such as a points-to analysis) to soundly "jump" around the program in order to focus a precise symbolic analysis only on the code that matters for the property of interest, enhancing scalability.

PLDI was awesome last year and I am hoping this year will be just as great. I've already read several very nice papers from this year's program and am looking forward to hearing about more work in the presented talks and meeting more people. Can't wait!

- Sam

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