Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Will be attending PLDI with NSF travel award

I am a 2nd year PhD student from Purdue University.
My paper "Accurate Application Progress Analysis for Large-Scale Parallel Debugging" was accepted in the conference. In this paper we present a highly accurate automated debugging technique for parallel applications written in MPI.
Parallel scientific applications which run on supercomputers with hundreds of thousands of processes are extremely difficult to debug. Our approach will be able to identify the root-cause of the problem and its associated code region with minimal manual interaction.
This is a joint work between Purdue and Lawrence Livermore National Lab.
I will also be presenting a poster of the paper during the poster session.

I will be attending PLDI for the first time so I am really excited. I have already shortlisted all the interesting talks I am going to attend. Also I hope to meet other researcher working on exciting problems which might lead future collaborations. The NSF SIGPLAN travel award helped me a lot in managing my travel budget. I am really thankful to PLDI organizing committee and SIGPLAN for giving me this opportunity. 

Subrata Mitra

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