Saturday, June 2, 2012

Getting ready for PLDI:

Hi! I'm Michael Pradel, a PhD student from ETH Zurich who is looking forward to attending PLDI. We are going to present our work on testing thread-safe classes. As concurrent programs are getting more and more important, testing thread-safe classes does as well. We present a fully automatic and precise testing tool that reveals thread safety bugs without reporting false positives.

To make our work accessible to researchers and developers, we are launching on the occasion of PLDI. The site allows to upload Java classes and to check their thread safety. If you have a class that is supposed to be thread-safe, just upload it and give our checker a try! During our evaluation, the tool was able to find previously unknown bugs in the JDK and in Apache Commons DBCP.

I'm looking forward to discussing interesting research at PLDI and hope that the conference will be an exciting experience for everyone!

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