Thursday, June 14, 2012

Relaxing in Beijing

Hi, I'm Mike, and I just finished my 6th year (I all starts to blur at some point) as PhD student at MIT. I didn't receive the login info for submitting posts until just the other day, so my pre-PLDI post is now a post-PLDI post and my post-PLDI post will be a post-Beijing post.

Anyway, my trip to Beijing has been entirely dedicated to relaxing; I spent the first few days getting everything set for my presentation on Monday on Reasoning about Relaxed Programs (aka, Proving Acceptability Properties of Nondeterministic Relaxed Approximate Programs). And since Monday I've actually been relaxing myself by catching up with people in the PLDI community, eating great local food, and exploring around Beijing.

After looking over all the posts on the blog, I'm surprised to see that I've bumped into quite a few of you over the past few days. And now I'm looking forward to seeing what post-PLDI stories pop up here in the next few weeks.

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