Monday, June 25, 2012


I had a great experience at PLDI.  In addition to seeing talks for some really interesting research, it was fun just to talk to folks in the hallways or during a meal.  I’m grateful to everyone who gave me positive feedback on my first PLDI talk!  So thank you to everyone who expressed interest in my research!

This was in fact my second PLDI, my first being the one last year that was incorporated into FCRC.  I really enjoyed the more intimate nature of this year’s PLDI -- although FCRC was a really exciting event, it was also a bit overwhelming to meet folks from so many different CS disciplines all at once.  I thought this year’s smaller venue and smaller crowd made it a lot easier to just bump elbows and start a casual conversation.

It’s hard to point out my favorite talks without doing an unintentional disservice to the other talks at PLDI, so I’ll just say that I was impressed with the overall quality of presentations, and I’ll definitely be following up by reading some of the papers presented this year.

Finally, some closing remarks.   The Great Wall really is very big.  The Forbidden City really is very big.  Scorpions look a lot scarier than they taste.

Thanks for such a great conference!

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