Saturday, June 9, 2012

Greetings from Seattle

Hello everyone,

I am Daniel Perelman, a 2nd year PhD student at the University of Washington, working with Dan Grossman and Sumit Gulwani (Microsoft Research). My research is in the area of program synthesis, and I am also interested in static analysis and type systems.

I will be presenting a paper "Type-Directed Completion of Partial Expressions" co-authored with Sumit Gulwanti, Thomas Ball, and Dan Grossman. In the paper, we present a new perspective on API discovery: of using "partial expressions" which are expressions with holes in them to allow programmers to communicate their knowledge of APIs they are looking for in a flexible way. We show that even simple partial expressions are surprisingly expressive due to the rich type structure of languages like C# and Java. Come see my talk at session 5A for more information.

Any C# programers are invited to try out the tool I developed based on the ideas in the paper: (source code available there, too).

This will be my first time attending an academic conference, so I am looking forward to having a chance to meet with other researchers.

I look forward to meeting everyone in Beijing!

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