Saturday, June 9, 2012

你好 — Greetings from 北京。

Hi everyone,

I’m a French student spending a year at Purdue University, Indiana, before I start my PhD. There my research focuses on the verification of compilers for managed languages – like Java; concurrent garbage collection is really a fun topic.

It is my first time attending such a conference and my first time as well coming to Asia. I’ve just arrived after a long trip, and Beǐjīng looks so huge and full of people speaking Chinese only, which doesn’t make my life easier since I’m hardly understood by anybody here. I hope you’ll help me improving my (pathetic) Chinese-speaking skills.

Here a modest picture of an endless road inside Beǐjīng: right below the street lamp you can see on the left is where the shuttle from the airport dropped me. This narrow place in the middle of the road is indeed (according to the bus driver) the so called 安贞桥西 bus stop.

In addition to the fun of traveling, I’m really glad to be able to attend to PLDI and ECOOP. There will be a lot of interesting people, plenty of nice talks. This will surely be an enjoyable week!

I’m looking forward to meet you all tomorrow.


Ps: this has been posted from the USA through a ssh tunnel…

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