Monday, June 16, 2014

After PLDI

This is Xin, writing from Atlanta, four days after PLDI'14. As I mentioned in my previous post, I expected this PLDI to be a wonderful experience, and it didn't fail my expectation. I especially thank NSF for its generous support for my trip.

I actually had quite a busy time before and during the PLDI. I had one paper and one poster to present. Plus, I need to help work on the slides of another paper of mine, which is presented by another coauthor. Basically, I spent the whole couple of weeks before PLDI working with PowerPoint and rehearsing my talk.

However, all these efforts didn't end up in vain. I had a great time during the poster session and presenting the paper. I had a good time chatting with people and received interesting feedback. It felt especially good when others came to you and expressed how much they liked your work. During the poster session, I even had a chance to describe my work to Neil Jones, the receiver of Programming Languages Achievement Award this year.

Having felt so good about this year's PLDI, it makes me look forward to future PLDIs.


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