Saturday, June 21, 2014

Back from Edinburgh

Attending PLDI has been a great experience for me. This is the first time I attended and presented at PLDI. I was anxious the days leading to the conference, mostly worried about my talk.  It helped that my talk was in the first session on the first day. My talk on "Test-Driven Repair of Data Races in Structured Parallel Programs" was well attended and I also got some interesting questions. I also had a poster on the same topic during which I received some very valuable suggestions and feedback. 

The general quality of the papers and presentations at PLDI were great. I liked the sessions on Parallelism, Scripting Languages, Synthesis and Races. I felt that the scheduling of the sessions could be better -- for instance having Parallelism 1 in parallel with Memory models didn't seem ideal.

I also got an opportunity to interact with Professors and leading researchers in programming languages. I sincerely thank SIGPLAN/NSF for the travel grant and My advisor Professor. Vivek Sarkar for making this trip possible.

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