Monday, June 16, 2014

Post-PLDI Post

This year's PLDI was a pleasure to attend. I had an excellent time meeting other researchers, hearing about their work, and sharing my own. The lunches and dinners were set up to allow easy mingling, which was nice. (I'm glad weren't seated at tables for lunch.)

The poster session was excellent. It was a good way to engage people in a 1-on-1 format, which can be a much more focused way to share your work. I wish I had time to take a look at other students' posters, instead of being glued to my own!

I also gave a talk. It was my first major conference talk, and I was terribly nervous as I gave it, but it seemed to go well despite that. The questions after the talk indicated an insightful and attentive audience.

My only complaint is that the ballroom projector wobbled whenever anyone was near it. Given the quality of the conference in every other regard, it seemed a little silly to have a bobbling projector :-).

Thanks to the NSF for funding.

Hope to see everyone I met again in the future,

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