Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Attending PLDI was an awesome experience

Finally I was able to attend PLDI@Edinburgh after much dilemma with my VISA. The experience was pretty good. 
I attended almost half of the talks and those were really interesting. The keynote speeches were excellent. 
I had a paper titled "Accurate Application Progress Analysis for Large-Scale Parallel Debugging" and presented a poster of the same. Several attendees were interested in my work and had several interesting discussions during the poster session. My paper was on "automated" root cause analysis for large scale parallel applications which run on super computers. During my discussions with other researchers I realized how similar techniques can be extended to work in other environments as well.
I also met with many fellow students from other universities, go to know about their research experiences. 
All these happened because of the NSF-SIGPLAN travel support that I received. I am really thankful to them for giving students the opportunity to attend PLDI. I hope this experience will help me a lot in future.

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