Sunday, June 15, 2014

PLDI Wrap-up

This was a great year for PLDI. One of the themes of the conference this year seemed to be a sort of "ruthless pragmatism" which made me quite happy. I enjoyed most of the talks I went to and met a lot of interesting folks. I too thought that the one minute talks were a great idea. They gave a flavor of the work being done across the whole conference without requiring the listener to attend every full-length presentation.

Our work on Verification Modulo Versions was well-received. Francesco gave a great presentation and I had several discussions with people who enjoyed the paper/talk.

The SRC poster session and talk also went well. I had an especially interesting discussion about the relationship of what we're doing to some concepts in machine learning, which could be a very interesting future research direction. I managed to finish my talk on time and got some excellent questions from the audience. I really liked hearing the other SRC talks and getting to talk with some of the other students about their work--some really interesting ideas in there!

Hope to be back for PLDI '15 in lovely Portland.

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