Sunday, June 15, 2014

What happened at my first PLDI?

My overall impression of PLDI14 was really good. I found the list of accepted papers very interesting and I was able to talk to many people about my research.
The paper I presented on my language FAST received very good comments and many people showed interest in the topic.
Attending and presenting at PLOOC, the workshop on PL technologies in MOOCs, was also very helpful.
I loved the 1 minute talks at the beginning of the day. They were very helpful in choosing which talks to attend (or not attend).

As many pointed out few things fell a bit short:

  • The parallel sessions were poorly organized. The two main examples being Atomicity and Parallelism happening at the same time. The same for Verification and Static Analysis 1.
  • The second room for the "B-track" wasn't adequate. It felt like there were business class and economy class papers. The first room was a theatre, the second one was awful with bad audio, a shaky projector and not enough chairs.
  • Lunch: inadequate portions but most important it was not possible to sit. For many shy students (especially first year PhD) it's not easy to go and talk to many professors. Lunch is usually one of those occasions where it is enough to sit at the table to start a discussion. This wasn't an opportunity this time.
I'm overall very satisfied and these few problems do not affect how useful the conference was for me, especially in terms of networking and visibility. Looking forward to attend PLDI15.

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