Saturday, June 7, 2014

On the way to PLDI

I'm writing this from the Amsterdam airport, after the first leg of my trek from Seattle to Edinburgh. (Here's an obligatory conference travel selfie, complete with poster, to prove it.) I'm exhausted from the transatlantic flight but excited to be going back to PLDI, certainly one of my favorite conferences all year.

I'm cobbling together a talk for the conference itself (paper: Expressing and Verifying Probabilistic Assertions) as well as a slot in APPROX, a new-this-year workshop on approximate and probabilistic computing. I'm both excited and nervous for both.

Since conference talks are on my mind, I wrote a longish blog post about lessons I've learned so far in grad school about preparing them. Rather than clog up this page with that text, I posted it to my own blog.

See you in Edinburgh!

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