Monday, June 9, 2014


I am happy to be returning to my second PLDI, and in such a beautiful setting!  I took a PLDI course since my last PLDI conference, so I am excited to hear about some of the research going on (now that I have a better grasp of the basics).  The presentations I am looking forward to include: "A Framework for Enhancing Data Reuse via Associative Reordering (Stock, et al.)", "Laws of Concurrent Programming (Hoare)", "Resugaring: Lifting Evaluation Sequences through Syntactic Sugar (Pombrio and Krishnamurthi)".

In addition, I will be presenting my poster on Monday: "Fair Partition-Sharing for Multicore Caches", and my fellow Rochester students' paper at MSPC on Friday: "Affinity-Based Hash Tables".  I look forward to getting to hear all about the latest research, and meet a few people along the way!

Jake Brock

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