Monday, June 2, 2014


Hi all,

I'm currently finishing up my third year in the PhD. program at Washington University in St. Louis and will be attending my first PLDI.  I will be presenting work done by my co-authors and I at the co-located workshop MSPC.  Our paper, "Trash in Cache: Detecting Eternally Silent Stores" discusses a technique to track liveness of objects while they are in cache, allowing us to clear dirty bits and avoid write-backs of any dead data in cache.  I will also be presenting a poster based on this work Monday night during the SRC.  I look forward to answering any questions and receiving feedback from everyone.

I am very excited to attend PLDI thanks in part to NSF funding through ACM SigPlan.  I look forward to hearing as many talks as possible.  I also look forward to discussing research and life with as many of you as possible.  See you all there and safe travels.

Jon Shidal

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