Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hello from Santa Barbara

I'm Vineeth Kashyap, a PhD student working with Prof. Ben Hardekopf at UC Santa Barbara. I am excited to be attending my third PLDI, as well as traveling to Edinburgh. The talks at PLDI have always been of very high standards, and the works presented always peek my interest, with a bit of PL theory and some impressive implementation.

I have been working on a novel JavaScript abstract interpreter framework (which I will be presenting at SRC), and building a variety of client analyses on top of it. I am looking forward to get some inputs from PL experts at the conference, and see if anybody would find our analysis code useful for their research. I also managed to read some papers from the PLDI program, and it would be nice to talk to the authors in person. There are some papers directly relevant to my current research projects: "Speciaization Slicing", "Introspective Analysis: Context-Sensitivity, Across the Board", and "Selective Context-Sensitivity Guided by Impact Pre-Analysis". Apart from all the static analysis related talks that I am interested in, I found some really cool papers by fellow SRC attendants: "Fast: a Transducer-Based Language for Tree Manipulation" and "Getting F-Bounded Polymorphism into Shape". I hope to write about these in my post-PLDI blog.

I am also shopping around for postdoc positions and industrial research jobs, so hopefully PLDI will be a fruitful place to network. See you all there!

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