Saturday, June 13, 2015

Before Attending PLDI'15

It is very exciting that PLDI'15 is just right around the corner.

First, I am very thankful for the travel support from NSF. I believe this will greatly benefit the students who attending it, and also the whole PLDI community in the long run.

This will be the second time that I attend this flagship conference in the area of programming language and compilers, and also the second time to attend FCRC. Different from last time, I am so close the city where it will be held (I am interning at PNNL, WA). It would be a great pity if I missed it.

Even though I have not read many papers accepted this year, but only by reading the title list, I already feel super excited. This is especially true as knowing some of them are from my friends, Yufei's paper "Autotuning Algorithmic Choice for Input Sensitivity", Bin's paper "Efficient Execution of Recursive Programs on Commodity Vector Hardware", and Danfeng's paper "Diagnosing Type Errors with Class".  Congratulations to you again! I always think that attending conferences, especially top-tier ones, not only provides the opportunities to learning the cutting-edge research in my field and guiding my own research, but also offers the chances to meeting excellent people,  making great friends, and being inspired by talking with them.

Looking forward to meeting every other student who posted here!

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