Monday, June 8, 2015

Looking forward to PLDI

PLDI is just around the corner and I'm very much looking forward to it. This year, I am serving as a student volunteer, which I hope will be a fun opportunity to meet a lot of new students in the programming languages community while helping to keep everything running smoothly.

I'm also looking forward to the opportunity to discuss my research with other attendees. I have a paper in the conference this year, "Exploring and Enforcing Security Guarantees via Program Dependence Graphs," but I'm also looking forward to sharing some of my research that was presented  in other venues. For example, last year I presented a new secure shell scripting language I developed at OSDI. This language explores exciting applications of programming language ideas to security.

There are also some very exciting papers in the program this year. In particular, I'm excited about the paper "Lightweight, Flexible Object-Oriented Generics," which explores a new, expressive model of generic programming that combines ideas from existing object-oriented and functional programming languages.

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