Wednesday, June 3, 2015


I am very excited to be attending PLDI for the first time as a Ph.D. student. I had previously done so in 2013 as a masters student, and enjoyed the experience very much.  The support from the NSF is very much appreciated, as the conferences and workshops at this event are where I currently research.

I am very much looking forward to two components of PLDI. The first is that I will have a chance to sit on many great talks.  Being able to sit in on several talks a day and see the authors with their work is a great privilege. I am hoping this will also give me insights into what literature I can spend time reading after the conference. Secondly, I am also serving as a volunteer for this years PLDI. I look forward to being able to perform service for the greater community, as well as network and connect with other PLDI volunteers. I think having a system available for current students to do this is highly beneficially, as we will all be future colleagues.

When I return from this conference, I hope to be even more energized to continue my research. I am also going to make it a goal to follow up with colleagues that I meet, take physical notes from the talks I attend, and also leave myself (business cards) available to continue discussing with others new ideas.

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