Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Before my first PLDI

Although there're more than one week before PLDI, I'm already very excited about it.  Also, getting travel support from NSF is really helpful, and both my advisor and I am happy about it.

As a second-year PhD student at Penn, I've been doing research on making writing&debugging parallel programs easier.  I always consider PLDI a great conference where experts in programming languages share their amazing work & ideas, and I long for getting inspired at Portland a week later.

I am also very interested in the following tutorials: (1) PINPLAY: Using PinPlay for Reproducible Analysis and Replay Debugging   and (2) Machine Learning for Code Analytics.   I hope to have a pleasant day for these tutorials.

Besides, I am in the SRC this year and will present a poster about our current work on reducing metadata redundancy in sound&complete race detection.  I look forward to talking to all the people interested in this topic!

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