Sunday, June 28, 2015


Attending PLDI this year was certainly a joyful journey to me. I think it was well organized and the whole process went smoothly well. Thank the organizing committee!

The Abstract Videos provided great help for finding papers that I was interested. And some of them did great jobs in making their video both attractive and accessible. The quality of the papers are quite impressive in general (although some of them are not within the areas of my expertise), which in turn encourages me to put high standard on my future research. It was very nice meeting so many familiar faces and old friends, sharing our recent progress in new projects and even new research topics, like Eddy, Tongping and Man; It was also exciting to get to know new people and learn their research and experience, like Jeff Huang, Qiang Guan, Hao Luo, Swarnendu Biswas and many others. I think Bin, Yufei and Danfeng all did great jobs in their presentations. Each time I heard a great talk, I always reminded myself of the importance of delivering a good presentation as a researcher.

Finally, I was very happy to learn that the PLDI community is stably growing, with more and more submissions, and more mature reviewing process. Best wishes to the next PLDI in Santa Barbra!

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