Wednesday, June 24, 2015


It was an amazing experience the past week in PLDI. During this year's PLDI, I met a few new friends whose research are very related to my work. The two Turing talks I attended were also great. Thanks to FCRC, I can attend two top conferences, PLDI and ISCA.

Many talks and papers in this year's PLDI were very impressive. I was particularly impressed by the talk given by Professor Milind Kulkarni on "tree dependence analysis". I also had a very pleasant time talking with two researchers, Bin Ren and Yufei Ding, whose work interested me most. They are very friendly and their work are very solid. I highly recommend reading their papers. I also liked the Turing talks given by Professor Michael Stonebraker. I read about his story during the my flight from the June edition of CACM. His talk was intriguing and I am sure, everyone could find something valuable from it. In this year, because of FCRC, ISCA held at the same time with PLDI, so I was able to switch between different sessions of these two top conferences. It was very convenient to me.

I want to express my thanks to the organizers of PLDI, ISCA and FCRC. I am also very grateful of the generous travel funding support from NSF. And at last, I also would like to express my congratulations to all the paper authors of PLDI this year.

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