Friday, June 12, 2015

Pre-PLDI Post

The Programming Language Design and Implementation 2015 (PLDI) is just less than one week away. This year I am planning to attend because of the travel grant support from NSF. I am very grateful for that.

My name is Hao Luo from University of Rochester. My research focuses on program's locality analysis, which is a topic that spans multiple fields from programming languages to computer architecture. I think there are at least two folds of benefit of attending PLDI.

  1. By attending PLDI, I can learn the state of the arts in the PL field and incorporate that knowledge in my own work. I am particularly interested in how to design programming models and employ program analysis techniques to optimize program's memory performance. In particular, the paper "Autotuning Algorithmic Choice for Input Sensitivity" by Ding et. al. is very much related to my work. Being able to attend the conference grants me an opportunity to talk with the authors and potentially draw inspiration from their success.
  2. Attending PLDI is also a golden opportunity to establish network. PLDI is a top conference where one will meet many excellent active researchers in the PL field. There is no better place than PLDI where I can find research collaborations.
I am looking forward to this trip and very excited to meet you there in Portland!


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