Tuesday, June 7, 2016

E-introduction before PLDI-2016

I am Sara Hamouda, a third year PhD student at the Australian National University. In my PhD, I am working on improving resilience in high level parallel programming languages, in particular languages following the APGAS programming model like X10.

PLDI-16 will be my first PLDI.  I am looking forward to attending PLMW and serving as a student volunteer for the first time. I will also be presenting a paper about a programming language that I love called X10. The paper is an outcome of an internship I had last year in IBM Watson Research Center, and it describes how we improved X10’s resilience support using an emerging fault tolerant MPI implementation called MPI-ULFM.  Feel free to chat with me about this paper, the internship experience, my home country Egypt, or other topics.

Finally, I would like to thank PLMW and the student volunteering committee for the generous funds which covered most of my travel expenses.

See you soon in Santa Barbara.

Best Regards,

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