Tuesday, June 14, 2016

See you in PLDI'16!

Hi, I am Pengcheng Li, a fourth-year PhD student from the University of Rochester. I am working with Professor Chen Ding on memory allocators, in-memory caches and related timescale theory. Our ongoing memory demand theory will be presented in ISMM'16. Our timescale theory, as proved, affirms to be a generalized theory including the past HOTL locality theory and other conversional theories. I feel excited to share our new, recent work with you to earn comments and suggestions. This is the third time to attend PLDI. Every time, I see my research buddies, share one another's latest work and absorb feedback from them. PLDI is a great forum to drive the most cutting-edge technology on program languages. Researchers like me appreciate this form of discussion. Hope to see you in my ISMM'16 talk and PLDI main conference. Any feedback will be appreciated!

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