Wednesday, June 22, 2016


This is the first academic conference I attended, and it was an awesome experience that's way beyond my expectations. I did not expect to meet so many friendly people, all willing to tell me their experiences, share similarities, give me suggestions and encouragements. The PLMW workshop, which was why I got interested in attending PLDI, was also very useful and fun--especially the mentoring session in the noon. Thanks to NSF funding and my roommates, they made this trip possible and affordable. The conference organizers did a great job, and the student volunteer chairs were extremely nice and helpful.

I listened to many interesting talks and met some truly inspiring people. The poster session is especially fun for me, particularly because I can ask as many questions as I want almost one-on-one with the presenter. It's like I attended an intense 5-day workshop which is also incredibly fun, and walked away with a lot of knowledge and ideas. I'm definitely looking forward to attend more future conferences, and meeting friends old and new there.

Looking forward to the recorded videos for talks on YouTube. :)

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