Monday, June 20, 2016

Post-PLDI 2016

This year's PLDI was the first time that I attended a large conference on programming languages. I listened to many interesting presentations at the main conference, and especially at the ARRAY workshop. But much more important than the technical knowledge and feedback that I gained at the conference, were the people that I met at PLDI. Most of them are working on different research topics; but as it turned out, some of them are working on very similar topics and there may be a chance that we collaborate in some way in the future.

I think that at PLDI I gained a lot of inspiration for my own research and made many friends, whom I will hopefully and probably meet again at future conferences and maybe at next year's PLDI! I would also like to thank the organizers who did a very good job, selected a beautiful location, and put together an awesome program for all students who attended PLDI.

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