Friday, June 10, 2016

John Vilk: Excited for PLDI 2016!

Hey there! I'm John Vilk, a PhD student in the PLASMA lab at UMass Amherst. My advisor is Emery Berger. This will be my second time attending PLDI; at PLDI 2014, I presented my work on bringing conventional languages to the web browser on top of JavaScript. My research aims to make the web platform a sane place for ordinary developers.

I look forward to seeing the few PLDI papers that are directly relevant to browser technologies. There are talks on extending the browser for energy-efficient mobile computing and adding refinement types to TypeScript. There is also an interesting paper that synthesizes updates to programs that generate SVG diagrams in response to a developer using their mouse to directly manipulate the graphic like in a vector graphics editor; the updated program generates the updated SVG.

Between interesting talks like those, I am excited to see a number of familiar and new faces from the community in the hallway, and hear about all of the interesting problems they are tackling. I am sure to return from PLDI with a long list of interesting papers to read!

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