Thursday, June 2, 2016

PLDI 2016 : Coming soon ...

I am Jubi Taneja, third year PhD Student at University of Utah. I am working with Prof. John Regehr. My current research focus is on adding data flow analysis in Superoptimizers for LLVM IR.

I am glad to attend PLDI for second time. I am thankful to Student Volunteer Program for selecting me as a Student Volunteer and providing free registration to the conference. I also got a ticket for banquet dinner, the one event I love the most. :) A big thanks to PLMW@PLDI for giving me an opportunity to meet women in Programming Languages group. PLMW has provided me travel and accommodation funding. I am very excited to attend keynote lecture by Prof. Matthias Felleisen at PLMW.

I look forward to meet researchers contributing towards making compilers more precise by finding more optimizations.

See you all at Santa Barbara !!

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