Saturday, June 25, 2016

Post-PLDI 2016

I had a great time volunteering at and attending PLDI 2016.  The volunteering responsibilities allowed me to help make the conference run more smoothly and did not detract from the event at all – the duties mostly required attending talks that I wanted to attend.  This PLDI was at a great location and had many good papers and presentations.  I'm looking forward to watching the recordings for the sessions where two sessions that I wanted to attend were concurrent.

My favorite sessions were PLMW, Energy & Performance, and the two Down to the Metal sessions.  Specifically, I thought Programming with Estimates by James Bornholt and GreenWeb: Language Extensions for Energy-Efficient Mobile Web Computing by Yuhao Zhu were particularly well-delivered talks.  In addition to the great banquet, all of the lunches and breakfasts were good and I met many researchers that I had not run into to before.  Thank you to all of the presenters, attendees, and other volunteers for making PLDI 2016 successful!

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